Greta Gormley
Washington, DC

I have an extensive portfolio of commissioned glass artworks completed over the past 27 years. I love to combine light and color to infuse a unique ambiance into every environment.

For 12 years, I was Assistant Director at Stephen Gormley & Associates, an international architectural art glass company based in Thailand. During my tenure, SGA completed more than three dozen major projects for high-profile international clients (plus numerous smaller projects).

My management position at SGA was completely "hands-on", and I was involved in all aspects of the projects:

  • - Artistic design, development and presentation
  • - Costing, quoting, and accounting
  • - Planning, scheduling, and production management
  • - Fabrication, quality assurance, and installation
  • - Training of staff

In other words, whatever it took to get the job done. Under my supervision the SGA staff did most of the actual carving work and glass cutting, but as a glass artist, I enjoyed doing the specialty work of glass selection, glass painting, and glass tinting myself.

While I was at SGA, we also created a new product line called Softone, a full line of high-temperature tempered-glass colored filters for the lighting industry. Softone continues to be a major source of sales and income for SGA.

I lived in Thailand during my tenure at SGA, and I drew on my Montessori teacher training to provide educational opportunities for my son. In 1989, I founded the Montessori Children's Center International School in Chonburi, Thailand. I was responsible for the complete management, operation, and development of the school, including hiring and training teachers, developing the curriculum, and producing specialized teaching materials. To support the international and multicultural student body, I developed a Montessori curriculum that also met the requirements of British, French, and American schools. The school grew to 120 students (covering ages 3 to 12) and 15 teachers; it is still active today. The school also serves as a community center that includes a lending library, a computer lab for after-school learning, a studio for adult art classes, and an ESL (English as a Second Language) program for Thai adults.

In 1996, I founded the Learning Bridge School in Phuket, Thailand (now called Phuket International Montessori School), which I opened as a full elementary school and within two years turned over operation of the school to the parents, as planned.

In 2000, I returned to the United States to attend to my son's special education needs. Since that time, I have operated several entrepreneurial businesses, including my freelance glass artist business.


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